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Creating a Bibliography with ZoteroBib

This workshop explains how to use ZoteroBib to create a bibliography for your assignment.


Creating a bibliography with ZoteroBib:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter the title, URL, ISBN or other identifier of your first item in the ZoteroBib Cite box.
  3. Select the Cite button or press Enter.

    If ZoteroBib finds your item, will be added to your running bibliography. If ZoteroBib finds more than one possible item, it will prompt you to Please select a citation from the list and provide you with a list of choices. If ZoteroBib cannot find your item, you can add it yourself by selecting the Manual Entry button.

  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for each item in your bibliography.
  5. Beneath the Bibliography heading, select the citation style dropdown menu, which is set to American Psychological Association 7th edition by default, and select the citation style you wish to use.

    If your citation style is not listed in the dropdown menu, select 10,000+ other styles available… ZoteroBib will prompt you to Add a Citation Style. Enter the name of the citation style you need in the citation style search box and results will appear automatically. If you find your citation style, select the Add button to the right of the style name.

  6. Beneath the Export heading, select the Copy to Clipboard button.
  7. Paste your bibliography into your document.
  8. Check each item in your bibliography to make it is complete and correct according to your selected citation style.


Task for Learning

Successfully create a bibliography with ZoteroBib and add it to a document.

Review Question


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