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Avoiding Plagiarism with Direct Quotes

This workshop explains how to use direct quotes to avoid plagiarism.


To use direct quotes from other authors without plagiarizing:

  1. Use direct quotes when it is important to present authors’ original words.

    Be careful not to overuse direct quotes. Most of the writing in an assignment should be in your words.

  2. Reproduce direct quotes word-for-word exactly as they are presented in the original work.

    Each citation style has rules for making minor changes to direct quotes when needed, such as changing the capitalization of the first letter, removing unnecessary words, or emphasizing a word or phrase.

  3. For shorter quotes, place the direct quote inside quotation marks followed by the in-text citation.
  4. For longer quotes, present the direct quote as a block quote, which is to say its own full-indented paragraph, follow by the in-text citation.

Specific details for direct quotes depend on the citation style you are using. Find the style guide for your citation style for more information.


Task for Learning

Locate two academic journal articles. Take note of how each article cites other works with direct quotes.

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These downloadable documents contain the transcript, instructions, and review questions for this workshop.

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