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There are already many online lessons for building digital skills in higher education, so why is Ateliers sur demande | Instant Workshops creating more? First, it is not always easy to find lessons in both English and French, which is particularly helpful in Canada, for example, where Ateliers sur demande | Instant Workshops started. Second, when English and French lessons do exist, sometimes there are issues with accessibility, such as videos without captions. Or there are issues with access, such as subscription fees or institutional logins. Or there are issues with resources that are too long or inflexible or impersonal.

The collaborators on Ateliers sur demande | Instant Workshops aim to provide digital skills lessons for higher education in French and English that are free, open, focused, accessible, flexible, and humanized. The site and initial suite of lessons were made possible with funding by the Government of Ontario and through eCampusOntario’s support of the Virtual Learning Strategy, and new lessons are added regularly. We use Jisc’s digital capabilities framework to scope the range of lessons that you will find on this site.

We hope that Ateliers sur demande | Instant Workshops provides you positive online learning experiences.

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Please contact us if you have questions, feedback, or suggestions for future lessons. Also contact us if you are interested in becoming a collaborator to help us make more Ateliers sur demande | Instant Workshops.

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Nicole Askin
University of Manitoba

Alexandre Bekhradi
l'Université de Hearst

Mish Boutet
University of Ottawa

Jeanette Caron
University of Ottawa

Francis Giguère
l’Université de l’Ontario français

Mohammed Harti
l’Université de l’Ontario français

Kris Joseph
York University

Patrick Labelle
University of Ottawa

Catherine Lachaîne
University of Ottawa

Jamey Laroche
University of Ottawa

Jérémie LeBlanc
Saint-Paul University

Johanne Morin
l’Université de Hearst

Leïla Saadaoui
Laurentian University

Victoria Tsonos
Saint-Paul University

Cleber Vizoni
University of Ottawa

Special Thanks to

Denis Berthiaume
l’Université de l’Ontario français

Michelle Brown
University of Ottawa

Mélanie Brunet
University of Ottawa

Talia Chung
University of Ottawa

Digital Dexterity Champions
Council of Australian University Librarians

Marie-Cécile Domecq
University of Ottawa

Aline Germain-Rutherford
University of Ottawa

Anne-Camille Hardy-Chartrand
Saint-Paul University

Mariette Leclair
University of Ottawa

Nancy Leroux
University of Ottawa

Jean-Simon Robert Ouimet
University of Ottawa

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