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Welcome to Ateliers sur demande | Instant Workshops, free and open short lessons on digital skills for higher education in French and English. We hope that you find our lessons useful. If this is your first time here, you can begin with the lesson on How to use this site below.

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How to Use This Site

This workshop explains how to use the Ateliers sur demande | Instant Workshops website.


To use the Ateliers sur demande | Instant Workshops website:

  1. Switch the site's language between French and English from the top menu as you prefer.
  2. Check the Home page for the latest workshops and to review this introductory lesson.
  3. Select the Workshops page for a searchable list of all available workshops.
  4. Search for workshops using the search box or the digital skill categories or tags dropdown menus.
  5. Select a workshop card to open the workshop.
  6. For workshop videos, use the Able Player media player features according to your preferences:
    1. Select the captions button to turn captions on or off.
    2. Select the transcript button to show or hide the interactive transcript.
    3. Select the chapters button to skip to different sections of the video
    4. Select the faster or slower buttons, represented by a rabbit and a turtle, to change the video playback speed.
    5. Select the full screen button to turn full screen mode on or off.
    6. Follow along with the interactive transcript beneath the video. Use the transcript to scan or review spoken content. Select part of the transcript to skip to that part of the video.
  7. If you prefer reading, follow the workshop's written instructions or access the downloadable and printable Word or PDF versions of the workshop.
  8. To consolidate your learning, complete the task for learning and the review question in the review section.
  9. When available, select external links to learn more about the workshop topic or select other workshops in the workshop series.
  10. If you have questions, feedback, or suggestions for future lessons, contact us with the form on the About page.


Task for Learning

Complete an Ateliers sur demande | Instant Workshops workshop.

Review Question


These downloadable documents contain the transcript, instructions, and review questions for this workshop.

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  • Transcript
  • Instructions
  • Review questions
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  • Transcript
  • Instructions
  • Review questions